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of Ped
igree Gloster Canaries…


The New Bird Room


Welcome to my site and my bird room in East Yorkshire.

It doesn’t matter if you keep Gloster Canaries as pets, just starting up with breeding or a seasoned exhibitor I’m sure you will find something you will be interested in on this site.

I’ve put this site up to help anyone with an interest in canaries, especially for those with an interest in the Gloster fancy, as this is my area of expertise as I’ve been breeding for over 30 years.

Bird_roomThe Gloster fancy has given me so much joy and happiness over the years it has enriched my life so much and rewarded me with such blessings, such as lifelong friend’s, places I never thought I would visit, and countless moments of laughter which I will never forget.

I’ve decided it is time for me to give something back, and the only thing I can give is my knowledge and share my experience. So I am willing to help you if you are a beginner to the Gloster fancy or any other canary breed and my hand is also stretched out to the seasoned veterans.


Breeding Cage Workshop


I have been making my own breeding cages for so long now I have forgotten when I made my first cage, in fact it is rumoured I made cages for Noah when he built the ark but it not true, I’m not that old.

I’ve been supplying breeding cages, my unique carrying cages and a nesting pan stand that I designed after much trial and error to many members of the Gloster fancy in the U.K. and Europe





New Cage Construction Service

Gloster Canaries_breeding_cages

Gloster Canaries Breeding Cages

I have now decided to open up the service to fanciers of other canary breeds and offer a service to build and construct any size of canary breeding system to fit any bird room. If you have any special requirements just give me a call and I’m sure I will be able to fix you up with just what you need.
It doesn’t mater what questions or problems you have I will do my best to help you out. Just click on the contact tab at the top of the page and drop me a line I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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