Dave Rands: Canary Breeding Cage System

“Free Flight System”

Canary Breeding Cage System

After many years of keeping and breeding champion winning canaries, Dave Rands has had to constantly adjust his breeding program to achieve the results needed to breed champion show birds.

He has been methodically looking for ways to streamline and simplify the process of managing hundreds of birds in his bird house in ways that would be advantageous to the health and wellbeing of his stock, anything from better feed and supplements, to nesting pans, feeders and drinkers.

But the one constant as always has been his strive to improve the bird room and breeding cages. Dave has always been looking for better materials and design to make the management of a large amount of birds easier and more convenient for himself without jeopardising the health and hygiene of his birds.




Dave has now come up with what he believes is his best breeding cage system to date.

Rands Canary Breeding Cage System


Double Breeding Cage

Made from 9mm PVC plastic flat board with spot welded stove enameled cage fronts extremely light which makes transporting, assembling and maintenance trouble free.

The systems unique feature is the whole of the cage front can be dismantled and with the elimination of the centre dividers allows for easy cleaning and the highest level of hygiene, maintaining bird’s health and preventing mite infection and disease.

By eliminating the centre dividers when the dividing slides are taken away the breeding cages simple convert into a flight cage.


Breeding Cage System

Rands Canary Breeding Cage System is now available as a double breeding cage or can be ordered in a four or six cage block. Permutations and special block sizes are available with our bespoke cage making and fixing service.


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