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As the build up to the show season continues some of the jobs you should be doing this month are picking out your potential show birds and putting them in separate cages. Checking your lights as they should be inline with daylight hours now, and continue with any show cage training that is required, you can get more on this in Dave’s letter below. Most importantly complete and return your schedules

If you intend to enter in any shows please be sure to contact the secretaries of the clubs whose shows you are intending to exhibit in to get your show schedules nice and early and complete and return your schedules so they arrive in time for the relevant deadlines.

Once again Dave has done a video to accompany his letter this month…

Dave is getting ready for the Carlisle Gloster Canary Show 2016. Dave gives an insight to the birds he will be taking and the cages and cases he will be transporting the stock to the shows in.

Daves Letter:

Hi everybody
Once again I would like to apologise to all my regular readers for the big gap in publishing this newsletter. As many of you know, this has been down to personal work problems which I am just about getting under control. I would like to thank all those wonderful people that sent messages of support and encouragement it is very much appreciated. Thank you each and every one of you.

Well October is here again and the days are getting shorter, it seems we are having very mild weather here for the time of year which is ok by me.

Here at Rands manor I am carrying on feeding the birds the same and giving them as much as they will eat in the build up to show season. My birds are through their moult now, well all the first round birds anyway.

I suggest you still keep lightly spraying your birds and handling them like…

Gloster Canary Almanac

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Simple points I know, but sometimes it’s those basic steps we often neglect.
Well that’s all for now, don’t forget you can get a copy of my   “Gloster Canary Almanac”
It is a month by month to do list of essential jobs around the bird room, it may be of some use to you, if you haven’t done so already you can get a copy here….

To Your Success…

Don’t take it to seriously remember it’s only a hobby!

Dave Rands  (The Gloster Canary Guy)


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